Elyrest the 5 missions of the word sleep ep 4

Elyrest by Baanidin No 1 Aroma and Herb Everyday

The 5 missions of the word sleep ep.4

Elyrest the 5 missions of the word sleep ep 4

The 5 missions of the word sleep ep.4

Mission 3: Sleep Balance hormones.

You have heard the saying that “I wake up (beautiful) like this or “Wake up with beautiful skin.” Right? this is not an exaggeration because
Our brain controls hormonal balance. And while we are sleeping, a lot of hormones are actively working, which hormones have a deep connection with life-related illnesses. We should be good friends with hormones.

Research shows that Good sleep is linked to the relief of illness from daily life. And also resulting in changes in amino acids, which stimulate the production of new cells As well as accelerating the body’s mechanism to work immediately as well.

Especially Growth hormones because this type of hormones is secreted the most during the 90 minutes of adult growth. This growth hormone is an important factor in strengthening the muscles and bones. Stimulate the process of creating and breaking down to work normally.

Another hormone, which has a structure similar to the growth hormone, is Prolactin. Prolactin, which is involved in reproductive behavior, is the most secreted maternal secretion during normal sleep (Non-REM Sleep). The moisture of the skin can increase from sleep because the water under the skin is influenced by these 2 hormones.

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