Ginger Herbal Compress Ball Benefits

Ginger Herbal Compress Ball

ginger herbal compress ball

Ginger Herbal Compress Ball Benefits

Ginger ( khing in Thai ) is one of the most important ingredients in Thai medicine. As a topical application, It has strong antiseptic properties, and it treats bacterial and skin infection, acne , and parasites . Ginger is powerful helps stimulate the hair follicles which in turn promotes hair growth. It also makes the hair silky and increases shine.  Also helps with dandruff and antiseptic properties that help to reduce scalp infections and dandruff. and aid in digestion , control of flatulence , diarrhea , vomiting , cold , sore throat , insomnia , heart disease , acid indigestion , irregular menstruation , chronic back pain , and many other maladies. 

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