Gold Benefit for skin

Gold Benefit for skin

From the medical discovery that Gold can resist free radicals and result in an effective anti-inflammatory mechanism of osteoarthritis in nine diseases. make cosmetic scientists believe With the same mechanism, metal Gold seems to be effective against free radicals on the skin and skin inflammation caused by UV rays, so gold has been used in various expensive cosmetic applications. For the benefit of prolonging the life of the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

          Gold mineral contributes to the detoxification of toxins and waste from the skin. Stimulates the process of creating new skin cells Slow down the deterioration of collagen and elastin Help inhibit the process of melanin pigment formation. It also has anti-oxidant properties. From research in Japan, it was discovered that the electric charge of pure gold will help balance the charge Weak skin cells to be strong. Improves the condition of the skin to absorb nutrients from the next steps better by 30% and helps to restore beauty naturally.

          Cosmetics mixed with gold. It has properties in the field of skincare. that brings cosmetic products mixed with gold It has been medically certified that gold has anti-oxidant properties. Reduce inflammation of the skin caused by sun exposure. And can also reduce wrinkles on the face as well. Pure gold powder (24K gold) that is mixed in the cosmetics. When applied to the body by gently massaging The gold is broken into tiny particles. absorbed through the skin Gold will release negative ions. Allows the gold cream to penetrate the skin layer by brightening the skin tone. Reduce free radicals that cause skin pollution as well.

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