Growth Hormone,The Strongest Hormone That came at the bedtime

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Growth Hormone,The Strongest Hormone That came at the bedtime

Growth Hormone, the strongest hormone That came at the bedtime

The first 90 minutes of sleep It is a golden period for the body to repair itself. During this period, the body will release many hormones, especially Growth Hormone, which will be released most during normal sleep. If the quality of normal sleep is disturbed by external factors, Growth Hormone secretion will immediately be abnormal.

Growth Hormone is not just a hormone to help your child grow by its name. But also acts to create new skin cells, stimulate metabolism in the adult system to work normally, It also helps the anti-aging process as well.

Another interesting feature is when we wake up and have activities since morning. The duration of the day lasted for a long time. Drowsiness will intensify normal sleep (Non-REM) in the first period or the golden period of 90 minutes has fully achieved no disturbance while sleeping will help eliminate most sleepiness. It makes us wake up with clear emotions Not sleepy during the day It is a quality sleep nonstop as well.

Supports quality sleep by Elyrest Solution Oil No.1: Better Sleep. Easy to use, just inhale and apply to the chest area. Helps to adjust the body, nervous system and mind to sleep easier

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