Hey! Did you know? Short Sleeper / Long Sleeper, actually from genetic

Hey! Did you know? Short Sleeper / Long Sleeper, actually from genetic

Short Sleeper and Long Sleeper, actually from genetic

What kind of sleep genes do you have?

Try to observe yourself And our relatives that What kind of sleep does each person have?

😴 Being a person who sleeps for a few hours but the body is still strong and fully active.

😴 Just sleeping 4-5 hours a day is still healthy or not.

😴 The brain is clear!

😴 Do the senses perceive agility or not?

If the answer is “yes”, then you don’t need to sleep for a long time. Because it’s very likely that you have “Short Sleeper” genes lying in it

But for those who sleep less and are feeling tired That means “You are not a Short Sleeper group” and if the more you feel that Not fully sleep Holiday. Wanting to sleep for a long time, that means the brain is sending a signal for help. Because of the debt and the whole body of protest

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