Know REM and Non-REM Sleep

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Know REM and Non-REM Sleep

Know REM and Non-REM Sleep

About the duration of sleep, Most people think that “One round of sleep is From head to pillow, deep sleep until awake.

“Professor Nishino Seiji, MD, SCN Research Center, Stanford University has explained that in truth, people do not have a deep sleep all the way from the beginning of sleep until they open their eyes. Sleep is divided into 2 periods, consisting of

1. the Dream Sleep (REM: Rapid Eye Movement. The brain is still awake but the body is asleep)

and the Normal Sleep (Non-REM: Non – Rapid Eye Movement. The brain and body are asleep). It’s happening switch continuously like this 4-5 times throughout the day until dawn.

The thing that comes to visit immediately after sleep is Non-REM. Regular sleep is when the body goes into a state of shallow sleep until deep sleep. Which will take approximately 90 minutes

The REM dream sleep phase. The eyes are quickly movement. It’s the period when various muscles of the body ceasing to work except the heart, diaphragm, eye muscles, and smooth muscles in which the eyes quickly roll back and forth The body will rest. And the brain is alert and working similar to when it is awake. During this period, the brain will manage information to create memories. Understanding and others That are essential to life. This period lasts about 30 minutes.

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