Making A Christmas Scent

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Elyrest by Baanidin Making a Chistmas Scent with Essential Oil

Making A Christmas Scent

Making a Christmas scent

Cinnamon , Clove and Chocolate

At Christmas, We will think of an atmosphere of happiness. It was a day when the family were together.

Another scent that creates a good Christmas atmosphere is Food that smells of cinnamon, cloves and chocolate as ingredients, but if you don’t cook these yourself . We can also create this aura.

1. Light the Cinnamon Scented Candle and then decorate the Cinnamon Bark around the scented candle.

2. Place natural soap with the aroma of clove in various rooms.

This way, you can make the house to have another Christmas flair. And also benefit from the essential oils of these herbs Helps to warm the body in winter as well.

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