Traditional Thai Massage with Thai Herbal Compress Ball

Elyrest Herbal Compress Ball Made In Thailand

traditional thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage with Thai Herbal Compress Ball

Traditional Thai Massage

The combination of gentle rocking , deep stretching movements and compression of the spine makes this a truly invigorating massage performed on traditional Thai massage . Thai massage will help improve you flexibility and stimulate blood circulation. A comfortable top and drawstring pants are provided for you to wear.

 Thai Herbal Compress

For an authentic feel of Thailand , have this intensely therapeutic treatment that combines massage complemented with a heated compress made from traditional Thai herbal secrets dating back 500 years

Thai herbal compresses are used to alleviate pain and inflammation by opening skin pores and transferring medicating heat to the muscles , joints and energy line. Compress Therapy helps to harmonize and relax the body, to loosen energy blockages , and to speed the healing of scars, including those caused by childbirth. Compresses relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation and energy flow. The powerful combination of heat and medicinal herbs helps to reduce aches , increase lymphatic drainage , and condition the skin. Medicinal herbs can effectively treat sprains, bruises , pain , and soreness, and they relax and loosen tendons and ligaments.

In Thailand, compress often include antioxidants such as turmeric , a natural akin softener , tamarind , which hydrates and regenerates skin cells; kaffir lime leaves and fruit , a skin toner and blood circulation booster , and plai ( Thai Ginger ) , which eases muscle and joint aches.

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