Is a soft mattress really suitable for people with lumbar pain ?



Is a soft mattress really suitable for people with lumbar pain?

You like to sleep on a soft bed. And still don’t want to change right? But it hurts my back. Waist pain?

When we sleep and sleep soundly Insensitivity will cause us to stay in one position for a long time. If our sleeping spinal alignment is unnatural for a long time will be the cause of back pain So if it’s good We should choose a mattress that is suitable for back health. Does not cause our spine to be unnatural when sleeping but for those who still do not want to change the mattress or like the comfort of an old mattress that is already used regularly try this method Help solve specific problems to make you sleep well and reduce pain after sleeping

The most important thing is that the sleeping position has nothing to do with the hardness or softness of the mattress.

Proper sleeping posture will help maintain the curvature of our spine. The cervical spine leans forward. posterior thoracic spine The lumbar vertebrae come forward. The human spine is divided into 4 curves. should find pads around the waist and knees There is also a large pillow to support the cervical spine area. not the head It is advisable to choose pillows that are made of strong materials. Moderately flexible, well ventilated, height 10-12 centimeters, suitable

Even with a pad on the neck area already waist and knee But if you accidentally change your position while sleeping, the degree and position will change accordingly. But it is not recommended to buy commercially available triple or quadruple folding beds. In addition, each person’s sleeping habits are different. Some people like to sleep on their side. Some people like to sleep on their stomachs. And one more thing, people cannot sleep in one position all night. Just we turn to change the position slightly. The spinal line will change depending on the angle and position of the mattress.


Therefore, the key is Try to maintain the curvature of the spine as much as possible during waking hours. For example, before boarding a plane, we often see small pillows placed for passengers to support their waists in every seat. But nowadays, airlines have redesigned the seats to have curves to make seating more comfortable. for the same purpose

People who have low back pain and low back pain should keep practicing leaning against the wall every day for at least 2 minutes a day. months, standing or sitting with the correct posture

As for the softness or hardness of the mattress It is not recommended to sleep on a hard mattress. But if the mattress is too soft that the spine is deflated by no more than 2 cm and the hips are deflated by no more than 2 cm, it is the most suitable condition for the spine. People who like to sleep on their side as well. When lying down, bend your knees and let yourself go naturally.

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