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Ginger Benefit

Ginger, many properties that are beneficial to the body, and more importantly, it also provides benefits in terms of beauty to the girls who grow ginger at home or like to eat ginger. Ginger has properties that help kill bacteria, making the skin clean and bright. It also helps to create softness and moisture to...

Black Sesame Benefits

Black Sesame the seed for life Black sesame is a plant that has many benefits. Eating is a healthy food regularly. It Will help strengthen health As you get older, your body is stronger than those who don't. And is a drug that can cure many diseases. Black sesame seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals...

Black Pepper Benefits

Black Pepper Black Pepper is an herb with evidence of use dating back more than 3,000 years and is the oldest spice spread from the east into the west from the Greek and Roman times. In the Roman Empire, pepper was used among the nobility. It is a rare, expensive item and can be used...

why we should do skin scrub?

Why we should do skin scrub?

Why we should do skin scrub? Exfoliate the skin Exfoliating your skin will help get rid of dead skin cells and help recover the skin to look brighter and more radiant. Clear skin Help the circulation of blood vessels under the skin Helps remove residues and wastes from the body, leaving the skin radiant, white, and glow. Reduce dark...

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