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3 correct sitting postures for “Neck&Shoulder Pain”

For the correct posture of the neck, stick to the upright position. The bones are slightly bent forward in any posture, lying, sitting, or walking. If the neck is slightly bent, as in a standing position, this will always be correct. If you have to bend your neck for a long time, it can cause...

slant dropping weight down to the waist and habitual wrong walking postures all cause fatigue in parts of the body that have been subjected to long periods of weight. until it is one of the causes of chronic back pain

What is chronic back pain?

From the evolution of human beings from 4-footed animals to 2-footed animals, moving around with 2 legs, causing the spine to bear the weight instead especially in obese people Standing in the wrong posture, such as slouching or slouching. working in a stooped position for too long or lack of proper exercise will cause back...

3 Things can damage essential oils.

Although essential oils will not turn rancid as containing fatty acids will, they do deteriorate and oxidize their therapeutic properties over time. By storing your essential oils properly, you will prevent premature deterioration.

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