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Essential oils are used as a diffuser. Helps heal the body and mind

Essential oils are used as a diffuser . Helps heal the body and mind Introduce the scent of geranium when inhaling the vapors of geranium essential oil. affect the nervous system cardiac system Stress levels, blood pressure and breathing help relieve anxiety. treat depression and insomnia It also helps regulate and balance hormones from the adrenal...

How to get benefit from Essential Oil by Facial Steamed

Put 1-5 drops of essential oil on the hot water in a pot cover head with a towel then steam faceThe result is excellent for opening sinuses, headaches, skin treatment. Recommend that Ylang Ylang is the good one for streamingYlang-Ylang essential oil has a sweet scent that helps in relaxation and calms the mind. treat...

How to wear a mask

The effectiveness of your face mask depends on what it is made of. Cloth masks should be more than one layer and be made of dense, breathable fabric such as cotton. All masks should fit your body. But do not move your chin or nose when speaking. 1. Wash your hands before and after wearing...

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