What is chronic back pain?



What is chronic back pain?


From the evolution of human beings from 4-footed animals to 2-footed animals, moving around with 2 legs, causing the spine to bear the weight instead especially in obese people Standing in the wrong posture, such as slouching or slouching. working in a stooped position for too long or lack of proper exercise will cause back pain more easily


Most of the causes of back pain are caused by overwork, minor accidents in or around the back, or deterioration of the body with age. If you ignore the occasional low back pain to remind you to continue to work in the wrong posture, the early back pain will become chronic. making it difficult to treat in the end


Back pain can range from mild to severe. And it can happen for many reasons. including tight muscles Spinal Dislocations, Injuries and Diseases If back pain gets worse not responding to natural treatments or as a result of an accident


slant dropping weight down to the waist and habitual wrong walking postures all cause fatigue in parts of the body that have been subjected to long periods of weight. until it is one of the causes of chronic back pain


The physical condition that changes with increasing age is also one of the major reasons. as well as health factors, such as in the case of people who are easily cold people with calcium deficiency. The body is easily fatigued and causes pain in the body that bears the weight, such as the intervertebral discs. (vertebral joints) and muscles


These people are prone to back pain easily.


– People whose body weight has increased more than 3 kg within 1-2 months


– People who used to play sports regularly but now have stopped playing


– People who stay in the same position for a long time while working


– People who do too much activity


– Habitual behaviors such as posture and way of walking

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