Ginger  Pure Essential Oil ( Zingiber officinale  )



Baanidin Ginger  Pure Essential Oil

by baanidin

Ginger ( Zingiber officinale  )

The essential oil has a familiar hot, sweet, radiant, pungent, and spicy odor. It is pale yellow or light amber

Stimulate properties, helps improve circulation, increase temperature and cellular respiration, and is excellent for relieving muscle and joint aches and pain

Antiemetic properties for nausea, hangover, motion sickness, and jet lag

Expectorant properties to boost the immune system for treating illnesses caused by cold and flu

It is one of the most important ingredients in Thai medicine. As a topical application, It has strong antiseptic properties, and it treats bacterial and skin infections, acne, and parasites. In aromatherapy, Ginger helps boosts energy by inspiring positive and hopeful feelings and promoting a balanced and grounded mindset.

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