FAQ what are the benefits of handmade Natural soap ?


FAQ what are the benefits of handmade Natural soap ?

What are the benefits of handmade “Natural” soap?

Petroleum based soap products will dry you out. Every piece of soap that you buy off the shelf in market almost made with alcohol and other materials, but our natural soap will Never dry your skin, its be moisturizing soap from plant oil.

Why after take a bath or shower feel like is tight is tight and itchy?

If you want skin that feels silky soft and moisturized, then BAANIDIN soap maker has impacted what you need.

What is a real natural product?

No official rules regarding the use of the word "natural" products on the market. There are start from concept of natural with synthetic products are only given a few natural ingredients in it. In BAANIDIN

we set the standard for any of  our products as follows: -  Do not use materials such as detergents (SLS, artificial colorings, and preservatives (parabens)

We use natural ingredients from nature. In basically natural product are ingredients you daily meet in your kitchen: shea butter, mango butter, sodium bicarbonate, rice starch, milk, and natural plant  oil ( that you can eat). and they have not been tested on animals

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