FAQ Why choose baanidin products


FAQ Why choose baanidin products

What does the BAANIDIN mean?

BAAN (in Thai language) mean Home IDIN (in Thai language) mean Petrichor (Fresh smell of ground after rain). Manufacturer and exporter as farm factory, produce100% natural spa products.

BAANIDIN.com be passion of natural living and happiness with natural surround. Also looking our customer be happy, healthier, fitter.

Baanidin’s founder was founded with a belief in Powerful of Natural. Objective to offer 100% natural products and non-toxic product that can help people can use daily.

Based on our experience over 17 years, we are capable of crafting natural product with Thai herbal and aromatherapy combining. Unique and easy touch to the most demand of the customer. the line has since expanded to natural Skincare, Spa Product, Solution Oil, Herbal Oil and Household Daily use.

5 things should you know about BAANIDIN

1. BAANIDIN starts life in International Horticulture Exposition for His Majesty the King: Royal Flora Ratchapruek 2006, with the first production line of rice bran and sesame cold press oil. Founded by Saraikorn Peerathanawit and Thamarat Boonsai.

2. BAANIDIN’s logo is tree symbolic is infinity tree should be in forever life, our belief in natural and holistic way

3. Organic and natural ingredients,We use natural, organic and ethically sourced herbs, botanicals and essential oils free from harmful chemicals.

4. Beautyfully Thai, BAANIDIN handcraft, our beautiful Thai products at our eco-factory in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

5. Animal friendly, We test on willing humans and have never tested on animals as rabbits.

If you trust in natural healing way, BAANIDIN, can solve your solution. Like many spa and customer from around the world come to BAANIDIN, buy and repeat order again and again more than 17 years.

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