the secret of pain relief with heat and cold


 the secret of pain relief with heat and cold

 the secret of pain relief with heat and cold

A hot or cold compress is one of the first aid methods. to relieve pain or inflammation It is a common problem in today’s society. In which the use of heat or cold can reduce pain in different areas by choosing to use as follows.

What type of pain is heat suitable for?

• Pain from tiredness and muscle fatigue.

• Fatigue and stiffness caused by cold in the body.

• Numbness and stiffness caused by poor blood circulation.

Devices that help heat

Hot Compress Pads (Cloth Pads / Herbal Pads), Steaming Towels, Herbal Compress Balls, Hot Water Bags

When using a heated device to compress the painful area The blood vessels will dilate. It makes the blood flow well. The blood is pumped through the capillaries. including circulating throughout the body The muscles will relax well.

Precautions while using heat

• Do not allow direct contact with skin.

• Prolonged use of heat can cause skin burns.

• Hot compress will begin to be used after symptoms have passed for 48 hours. Compress for 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

• Do not use heat on areas with open wounds or bleeding. because it will cause more inflammation You can apply heat only when the inflammation has subsided. which can be observed from the absence of swelling, redness, heat

• After applying heat, be careful not to let your body cool. Body temperature should be kept warm at all times.


What types of pain are cold applications suitable for?


• Acute pain at various points of the body, such as waking up in the morning. Extreme neck pain, unable to move the neck, falling, ankle turning, sudden swelling pain, or very severe pain of this nature, in the beginning, cold compresses should be applied to help stop the bleeding (that may be) and reduce swelling.

• Swelling caused by inflammation.

• If the pain lasts a long time but at this time, the pain is increasing (acute on top of chronic inflammation) to suspect that there is a repeated acute inflammation first. Give a cold compress at first as well.


cooling equipment

Ice packs, plastic ice packs, cold beverage cans

when using cold to treat pain Blood vessels in the cold area will shrink, swelling, heat from inflammation in the pain area will decrease. The blood vessels return to normal and stabilize their temperature. smoother blood circulation


Precautions while using cold

• Avoid direct contact with the skin, but wrap it in a towel. And do not compress for more than 15-20 minutes / time as it may cause frostbite or other injury.

• Cold compresses are used within 24 – 48 hours after injury, compress for 20-30 minutes.


• After applying heat, wipe yourself dry. Don’t let yourself get wet.

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