3 poses to reduce back pain


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Managing the muscles involved in neck, back and lumbar pain is one way to prevent the pain from recurring. Because our spine is a long line from the nape of the neck to the sacral bone and pelvis. The muscles that stick to the sides of the spine are very long. All muscles beside the spine from the neck, back, and waist have one important function. Help support the spine to bear the weight of our entire upper body. The entire line of muscles will act as a back splint that will help strengthen the body from the nape of the neck. Our back and waist are strong when we work, exert or move. Our neck, back and waist won’t get tired, sore, or easily tense up.


What causes back pain?


Back pain can be divided into 2 types: acute back pain This is pain that occurs immediately and continues for no more than 6 weeks. It may be caused by an accident or daily life, such as falling or lifting too heavy. and chronic low back pain It is back pain that persists for more than 3 months, but is less common than acute back pain.


How to exercise your body to help relieve back pain by yourself


1. Bottom to Heels Stretch is a posture that will help stretch and strengthen the spine with the following methods:


Starting position: Kneel down on both sides with your knees in line with your hips and place your hands in line with your shoulders. Be careful not to bend your lower back too much, stick your neck out, and pull your shoulder blades back. and should not strain the elbow


Slowly lower your butt to the back. Maintain the natural level of the spine Hold with deep inhalations and exhalations and return to starting position. You should do 8-10 reps.


People with knee problems Sitting on the heels should be avoided.


May check the accuracy of the posture by looking through the mirror.


You should stretch to a point where you feel comfortable, not force.


2. Knee Rolls are as follows:


Starting position Lie down with your back parallel to the floor. Place a small pillow or cushion under your head. Bend your knees together. Keep your upper body relaxed and gently press your chin down.


Then rotate both knees with the pelvis towards the side of the body. with the shoulders still attached to the floor Keep your knees at your sides and take a deep breath and return to the starting position. You should do this about 8-10 times.


You should stretch to a point where you feel comfortable, not force.


A pillow may be placed between the knees on either side to make it more comfortable.


3. Back Extensions are as follows:


Starting position Lie on your stomach and use your elbows to support yourself. feel that the spine is stretched out Pull your shoulder blades back and extend your neck.


Then use your hands to help push the upper body. Keep your back arched and your neck straightened. Feel the muscles in your abs gradually stretch. Hold for 5-10 seconds and return to the starting position. This should be repeated about 8-10 times. Be careful not to bend the neck backwards. and the hips should be placed close to the floor

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