3 correct sitting postures for “Neck&Shoulder Pain”



3 correct sitting postures for “Neck&Shoulder Pain”

For the correct posture of the neck, stick to the upright position. The bones are slightly bent forward in any posture, lying, sitting, or walking. If the neck is slightly bent, as in a standing position, this will always be correct. If you have to bend your neck for a long time, it can cause neck pain at all.


Certain occupations, such as an accountant who requires prolonged neck bending, teachers who need to look up at their board often, urologists who require long laparoscopy, or painters who need to look up their neck for a long time, are more likely to suffer from neck pain. easier than other professionals


In addition, lying down watching TV or reading a book can cause neck pain. Including sleeping using a pillow to support the head, it will cause the neck to be in a stooped position all the time, the higher the pillow, the more it bends more, only causing neck pain. Therefore, the proper sleeping position should sleep without a pillow to support the head. but has a pillow to support the neck instead


Reading posture


If reading a book on a normal table that is flat, we have to bend our head down to find a book. If you bend down for a long time, your neck will hurt. Therefore, it can be easily fixed by lifting the book instead. Do not bow your head down or maybe use a stand to read a book and put it on the table.


Sitting typing computer


Typing is usually comfortable and stress-free when the keyboard is slightly above waist level. But most tables are already at the height of the ribs. When the keyboard is installed the keyboard will rise up to the level of the breast. Therefore, to type well, it is necessary to lift both shoulders up. This method, when typing for a long time, will cause neck and shoulder pain.


The solution is to make the chair sit higher. or find a lower table or find a desk with drawers for the keyboard. so that when the keyboard is installed the keyboard is located slightly above the waist. The computer screen should be in front of you. It’s just right at eye level so you can look straight without looking up, leaning, or slouching.


Executive sitting position


Most executive chairs can recline back therefore the head will also turn backwards. Therefore, it is necessary to bend the neck to keep the head upright. The neck is always bent. can cause neck pain, the solution is the backrest must be raised so that it can support the head. and should have the nape of the neck convex than the other parts to support the cervical vertebrae or recommend sitting in a chair that cannot recline better

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