8 Reasons Why massage is essential to your health


 8 Reasons Why massage is essential to your health

8 Reasons Why massage is essential to your health

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Massage is the first pain treatment that we know from ancient times. It is a natural method that arises from learning such as pain, rubbing, squeezing, and then accumulating experience until it becomes a science of healing and body care and is a science that has been accepted around the world as well


If the body receives some massage therapy will help.

Non-inflammatory swelling such as edema caused by congestion of blood and fluid or swelling due to obstruction of the lymphatic duct.

Muscle atrophy or numbness of limbs

Relieve stress, help treat depression. Massage not only reduces pain, but can also help relieve tension, especially aromatherapy massage with real essential oils. Properties of aromatic oils. Different types of volatilizes can also treat different symptoms that occur to you as well.

Skin scarring in the synovial muscle Joints due to massage will help to stimulate blood circulation better.

Joints due to inactive or torn joints massage the membranes and surrounding muscles.

Muscle spasms and cramps. Massage helps to reduce muscle tension, helps create flexibility, especially massage with a compress to increase flexibility and relax muscles. In case of pain, gently massage should not be allowed press or twist

Massage to stimulate excretion excretion, such as abdominal massage to expel air or bladder massage in children to make the child urinate more easily.

Massage for a good night’s sleep Massage is a great way to relax various muscles, resulting in effective sleep.

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