What are the best containers for essential oils?



What are the best containers for essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants. The oils contain the plant’s essence, hence the name. The aromatic compounds are combined together with a carrier oil, creating essential oils that are ready to use. These are the products that we commonly see being sold commercially.


Using essential oils has plenty of health benefits, which is why it’s a very popular treatment for some common health problems. If you’re interested in essential oils, it’s important to remember that they are extremely concentrated. Thus, storing them properly is crucial, whether you’re selling them or keeping them for personal use.


Essential oils must never be stored in plastic containers. The compounds in pure essential oils will corrode the plastic and damage the packaging. Glass bottles are the best storage option since glass is impervious to volatile compounds. Additionally, glass is safe and hygienic to use and is also acid and corrosion-resistant.


Dark-colored glass bottles are best. Most manufacturers package their essential oils in dark-colored amber or sometimes blue glass bottles. When creating essential oil blends, making massage oil, or concocting another recipe that will be stored for more than a few days, package the resulting product in a dark-color glass bottle to prevent long term exposure to any type or light. Glass is preferable to metal, as it will not react with the oils. And glazed ceramic containers will also work. Do not use plastic bottles the essential oils will break down the plastic, sullying your essential oil and potentially creating a mess.

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