8 guidelines for using essential oil in Child safety


8 guidelines for using essential oil in Child safety

8 guidelines for using essential oil in Child safety

Baanidin Essential oil is strong. Using them with babies and children has rules, followed by common sense. Here are some guidelines for you to follow


Essential oil are powerful compounds and although they are natural and should never be left where children or animals can get to them.

Skin application and direct inhalations should be avoided for children under five-years-old.

Do not use peppermint essential oil on children under five years old.

Avoid Ravensara on children under ten.

Keep your essential oils in a safe childproof place. Keep them out of reach of tiny hand but also in a cool dark place that will help to prolong the life of your essential oils. I suggest a locking box that only adults can reach and access. Keep away from pets and animals, too.

Always use weaker dilution on children: Their bodies are smaller and their skin is more sensitive. When preparing a blend for a child, remember that you would halve the strength- where you would normally include a 2 percent dilution for use on a child. For example, you would only use 2-3 drops to 20ml. of carrier oil.

If you are using a diffusion blend with children, do not leave them unattended with diffuser, and only diffuse for one minute at a time with children under twelve years of age. Also be advised that animals are sensitive to diffused essential oils and make sure there is plenty of circulating air when you diffuse and keep the diffusion away from your pet’s water bowls and sleeping area.

For children under two, you can use hydrosols instead of essential oils. Hydrosols (floral water, hydroflorates, flower water, or distillates) are products obtained from steam distilling plant materials. Hydrosols are like essential oils but in a far less potent concentration.


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