The difference between natural and organic products


The difference between natural and organic products

The difference between natural and organic products

by baanidin

‘Organic’ and ‘natural’ products are the new words of this era, from food to cosmetics to skincare. This trend is hot everywhere. Products labeled ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ are generally considered relatively safe.


Organic products are products obtained from raw materials and processes that do not use structural modification technology or the use of natural chemicals. in the process of acquisition Must not pass through chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertilizers from the soil used for planting and must be planted in a chemical-free area for 3 years or more. Including the extraction process of important substances must pass the Organic standard as well.


Natural products are products that use ingredients of natural origin. ignoring the acquired process whether through chemistry or not Extracts are derived from 100% real fruits and vegetables. Vegetables or fruits can be genetically modified, chemically used or structurally modified before. For products labeled as natural products, there must be at least 95% natural extracts from all ingredients. But for the production of 100% natural products, it is quite difficult to do. due to forming The desired texture of any skin care product, whether it be soap, nourishing cream, or serum, all need some chemicals to help. But that’s not to say that production can’t be done at all. There may be some, but they are very few and very difficult to find manufacturers in Thailand.


For example, green tea extract is a natural extract. However, green tea leaves may be sprayed with pesticides, which makes them natural, but not organic. Natural products may not always be safe.


Or, you can’t store apple pulp in a jar and use it on your skin for several days. Because millions of microorganisms will grow on the fruit. The manufacture of this product may require certain levels of preservatives and certain types of ingredients to protect the ingredients. Such ‘natural’ not to go rancid.


Therefore, to tell whether that product or that product is Natural or Organic, let us look at The extract used as an ingredient in that product has an organic standard from which organization. certify or not


Be careful: A quality natural product should not contain ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl and lauryl sulfate, phthalates, artificial colors, and synthetic dyes.

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