How to use herbal powder safely


How to use herbal powder safely

How to use herbal powder safely

by baanidin

Selection of herbs and production methods are therefore very important since selecting herbs from chemical-free sources and through the baking process proper disinfection


Selecting fresh herbs that are aged for use seasonally correct the nature of each species, method of planting, season and time of harvest


The selection of herbs based on the principles of

Use it correctly, it is important to know that What are the benefits of each herb?

Use the right parts, whether it’s roots, flowers, leaves, bark, fruit or seeds, because each part has different properties.

Use the right size selection of herbs Consumption plays a big part. Because if too much is used, it may be dangerous. Or if you use too little, it may not work.

Use it properly Using herbs to be effective It is necessary to know how to extract various important substances, such as being used with white wine, boiling, steaming or brewing.

Applied to the disease, each herb has a different effect, such as turmeric to relieve flatulence or lemongrass to relieve aches and pains.

The use of herbal powder to scrub the skin. Commonly used in conjunction with honey, yogurt, fresh milk because it may cause irritation. Allergic is important for some people with sensitive skin if it comes in direct contact with the skin.


Therefore, they are mixed together with the aforementioned ingredients. Then apply the mask to the skin and leave it for about 15-20 minutes or use it to scrub the skin to whiten skin.


Exfoliating with herbal powders can also help shed dead skin cells quickly (normally the top layer of skin cells is exfoliated every 14 days). The newer gave up quickly. It also reduces the accumulation of dirt embedded on the skin above. That may be a major cause of skin disease, rashes or body odor as well.


But the selection of herbs has both benefits. and penalties if used incorrectly Therefore, before choosing herbs Especially used to enhance beauty or use in spas, so should consult someone who knows. Or ask for advice from a Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor first.

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